Program Highlight


    Title: The Revival of BIST: From Self-Test to Self-Healing
    Hans-Joachim Wunderlich, Universitat Stuttgart, DEU

    Title: Addressing Automotive Safety Challenge & Solutions
    Yervant Zorian, Fellow & Chief Architect, Synopsys

    Title: Volume Diagnosis
    Wu-Tung Cheng, Chief Scientist and Advanced Test Research Director, Mentor Graphics

Invited Talk

    Title: A Foundry’s View of Hardware Security
    Shih-Lien Lu, TSMC

Technical Sessions

    There are thirteen technical sessions covering the important topics of modern VLSI testing,
    e.g., memory test, 3D IC test, test compression, hardware security, yield enhancement, diagnosis, debugging, and so on.

Special Sessions

    Hardware-oriented security and trust
    Emerging memory testing

Half-day Tutorials

    Title: Power-Aware Testing in the Era of IoT
    Xiaoqing Wen, Kyushu Institute of Technology
    Patrick Girard, LIRMM / CNRS

    Title: Data-Driven Resiliency Solutions for Integrated Circuits and Systems
    Krishnendu Chakrabarty, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University